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Its my birthday today, and I thought I would give a gift to everyone, to thank you for being loyal members of GBP Business club.  So here is a copy of a book, I am about to publish. So before it goes out to the world its your’s . I only ask you to do one thing and that is please do not share the content, just use it for your personal benefit.





 Ninety eight thieves caught!


One of my major challenges in life and personal development was not the ability to work hard or smart, but how aware I was of my own habits, behaviours and environment. I knew I could achieve more than what I had currently, however I sometimes couldn’t work out who or what was stealing my time. This was a nightmare as I was used to doing things wrong, and because I was used to it, I did not realise I was wrong!, It was all so normal to me.

Below are some of the thieves , I have caught red handed, needless to say my productive shot up after they were banished from my life. So, that no one misunderstands me, even though I have banished these thieves, they often try and break in again, so I must stress, you have to remain vigilant always!

Sam Onigbanjo


 Time Stealers     

 Meeting Time Stealers


  1. Meetings with no set goals.
  2. No decision makers or key Influencers in attendance.
  3. Serial meeting junkie.
  4. No agenda
  5. No follow on actions
  6. No focus on items listed for meeting
  7. No feedback.
  8. No decisions.
  9. Too little or no follow-up.
  10. Weak chairperson.
  11. Meetings not starting on time.
  12. Too many interruptions from outside.
  13. Failure to stick to the agenda.
  14. Not ending on time.
  15. Taking more time than estimated.
  16. Purpose not understood
  17. No meeting leader
  18. Late start.
  19. Akward meeting locations 



Phone Thieves


  1. Social media pop ups.
  2. Unstructured conversations.
  3. Itching ear for gossip
  4. Inability to keep conversations short.
  5. No time limit on calls
  6. Lack of priorities.
  7. Unlimited accessibility


 Holding on to all!



  1. Lack of trust in others.
  2. Too much control.
  3. Bad or no guidelines.
  4. Puppet delegation
  5. Insecurity of relevance
  6. Preference for action over management.
  7. Stressed-out fellow workers.


   Jack of all, Master of none.


  1. Doing anything that comes up
  2. Poor self-discipline.
  3. Busy with no thinking
  4. No function description.
  5. No Structured day


       Much noise, little meaning


  1. No awareness of team requirements
  2. Language problems.
  3. Use of the wrong media.
  4. No sense of timing
  5. Listener not open to new ideas.
  6. Delay in answering.
  7. Too much information.
  8. Too much communication.
  9. Unclear communication.
  10. Poor information systems.
  11. Ineffective communications
  12. Unreliable data.
  13. Outdated or irrelevant data.
  14. Inclusive data.


      Poor decision making



  1. Lack of trust in decision process.
  2. Fear of consequences of mistakes.
  3. No realistic time limits.
  4. Postponement of unpleasant and difficult tasks.
  5. Ignorance of the consequences of decisions.
  6. No vision
  7. No understanding of objectives
  8. Unclear targets.


     Personal development Issues


  1. Lack of priorities.
  2. Too many issues at the same time.
  3. No planning.
  4. All problems handled as if having the same priority.
  5. Too little too late.
  6. Too much in too short a time.
  7. No time for preparation.
  8. Interruptions.
  9.  Can’t say NO syndrome
  10. Eager to help everyone
  11. Need to feel important and be involved with everything.
  12. Reluctance to be blunt with others.
  13. Need to be part of it all.
  14. Low energy.
  15. Inability to finish things.
  16. Lack of time limits.
  17. Lack of  energy mastery
  18. Lack of insight.
  19. Little or no organisation and order
  20. Stress.
  21. Lack of discipline.
  22. Lack of planning.
  23. No planned allocated times
  24. Interruptions by unexpected visitors.
  25. No smart phone policy
  26. Personnel continuously coming in asking for approval.
  27. No fixed close
  28. Failure to say no to clients.
  29. Too many routine things and papers.
  30. Lack of priorities.
  31. Not delegating work, feeling you can do it quicker and better yourself.
  32. Everything dumped on desk.
  33. Lack of personal organisation.
  34. Lack of short- and long-term goals.


            Information Technology


  1. Being accessible by all , all the time







Bonus : How to work Faster:


  1. Focus , start and don’t stop till you’ve finished.
  2. Have faith, don’t question what you are doing , just do it!
  3. Make your first attempt draft, within a set time, eg. 25 minutes.
  4. Use a stop watch,on your phone or clock on the wall
  5. Do not accept calls, pings or emails while you are focused on this assignment.
  6. If you have writers block, then re schedule this project and immediately engage in another.
  7. Work in a comfortable position
  8. Remember you are actually the best, you just need to show it





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