Profitable Business Ideas Workshop July 12th


Hello ,

Hope you had a great weekend? Mine was amazing, and I hope you managed to take some
time out with family and chill.

I wanted to tell you about a very important workshop I have coming up. My workshop, titled
“Profitable Business Ideas” and the purpose is to work with a group of not more than 5; just 5 of you, over 2 hours to work out how financially viable a business idea is based on business modelling, sales and potential cashflow.

Ideas Workshop £29

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This message is for you if you want to act on an inner burning desire to take control of your business and financial destiny.

It’s simple, at different times in life we are prepared to act and Invest in OUR OWN Future. For you, that time is NOW!

My Profitable Business Ideas workshop is a Limited opportunity for you to have me in a small group of 5  drill down into your business idea(s) and weigh it against the metrics of today’s business world. You will exit this workshop with a healthy and robust business idea ready to take to the next stage, to be successful.

Make your family proud of you and take action now.

Maximum delegates per session 5

My workshop will run thrice on Wednesday the 12th of July In Greenwich London. Time slots to choose from are.

Watch what past delegates have to say click here 

8.30am till 10.30am- SOLD OUT
12 till 2pm
6.30pm till 8.30pm

Registration fee is £29 per delegate.

This workshop is incredibly dynamic and the tools should be applied anywhere you go! Another testimony from a previous delegate. Click here




Profitable Business Ideas Workshop July 12th Actions

PS: Spaces are going fast, you need to ACT NOW to get a place.

Ideas Workshop £29

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PPS: Email if you have any questions about dates or anything else!

Story telling MasterClass this Saturday 24th of June

The Art of Selling Effectively using your Story (Weekend session)
by Great Business Platforms, Mastermind coaching academy
Story telling MasterClass this Saturday 24th of June 501 rev2
This Masterclass will be delivered by Sam Onigbanjo with Live case studies from his Mastermind coaching academy.
Hear how in May 2017, Emotive Branding used correctly closed on a bank deal worth over a million for a mastermind member, in one day!
Also, how Emotive Branding helped *change* the perception and positioning of another mastermind member, which resulted in 80% of her stock being sold in one day!
Plus, video testimonies of happy delegates from our last Emotive Branding Masterclass.
Join this Masterclass click here
Fantastic networking opportunities with business leaders on the day
Extra bonus, Gifts for all delegates
Have a glimpse of our last masterclass
Emotive branding is the most exciting business tool to emerge in recent times. If you need one new business tool to turn things around then it’s Emotive Branding! Sign up to Sam’s Masterclass right now!

Celebrating Your Progress

              Celebrating Your Progress

Whether you are acknowledging an anniversary or just saying thank you, your message should make your customers feel great about ever choosing to use your brand– Sam Onigbanjo

Today, I want to rave about two amazing ladies, members of my Mastermind Group for Entrepreneurs!

Shola Alabi, Education expert, with two Education centres. One in London and the other in Essex.

A couple of Sundays ago, Shola was the Keynote speaker at an Education Conference at the Bromley Court Hotel.  Normally an hour-long session with one speaker is enough to send you to sleep unless you have the phenomenal gift of connecting with your audience and you ooze of passion. Shola Alabi fits this description, in fact, she had her audience eating out of her hand as the clock moved from 60 to 100 minutes with more questions still coming for her! So, you can imagine how eager her audience were to hear the next thing from her.  Shola used a combination of strategies I coach my entrepreneurs on; one of them being mastering the art of storytelling, as this is an emotive way of winning the hearts of your audience.

There are three reasons why I am raving about Shola Alabi.

She is an expert and helps parents fulfil educational dreams for their children.

Shola has developed a dedicated hub for busy parents who need to stay ahead of their children’s educational and behaviour and

Yes, this phenomenal lady is a member of my Mastermind Group, and I am super proud of her.

(So, whatever way you are supporting  your children with their Education, this lady will help make things better.)

The other lady, who is also a member of my Mastermind Group that I am boasting about today is Amara Kanu.

If you are on Instagram, then you might have seen her profile. She is a fitness and energy expert and coaches many women around the world on getting their health and fitness in order.

What makes Amara, a lady to boast about is her tenacious focus on success. If you want to lose; yes I mean to lose a bet, then bet against Amara rising to any challenge you set her!

I understand she deleted the word “Cant” from her dictionary, so everything is possible in her world.

Amara held her debut event two weeks ago in Covent Garden, Central London to a sold out room. As I watched her address her audience, I was filled with awe because all of the speaking techniques I had taught her were executed flawlessly. A brilliant student always graduates from level to level.

Amara, has me raving and it’s true simply because:

She is deaf to the word “Can’t.”

She practises till you have to move her goal post.

Yes, she is a member of my mastermind group.

(Amara, is the go-to person for Health and Fitness, watch one of her free videos on Instagram @akhealthy)

There is so much more I can share about these two ladies, but I think it’s best I invite you to one of our open house events so you can understand the type of entrepreneurs these powerhouse ladies are.

Do, you want this type of progress?
Do you want to be part of a Mastermind Group for Entrepreneurs that will cheer you on?
Do you want 2017 to be your kick arse year?
Do you want me to be your strategist and coach?

Watch out for my invitation soon. or click on the link  below!

It’s Sam Onigbanjo,

Your Business Success Strategist and Coach

Celebrating Your Progress g2lxXoo
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How to Master YOUR story and connect with your audience


I am always learning, reading, attending seminars listening to my coaches and releasing my creativity for my clients. Today, I want to share with you why mastery in storytelling is imperative.


Why we tell, a story has a great effect on “How” we tell a story. As a  Strategist, I know that telling a story to a prospect is important because I want my prospect to experience safe and trustworthy emotions when it comes to my brand( I am sure you would want your prospects to feel the  same right?)It is also because I want the prospect to recognise my authority, authenticity and experience in the area. So internally they can react by, feeling safe, convinced and convicted that buying into my service is the right thing for them to do to Improve their life and future chances.


I would like you ( I would love you) to tell a story for the same and even more reasons. A great story is always simple, authentic, easy to understand and in a language and communication mode easily understood, digested and acted on by the intended recipients.


Last week Thursday, two members of my mastermind group  Amara Kanu and Anne Ogunlesi, told their stories to a sold out room at The Solid Woman conference, Trafalgar Square.


These ladies told their stories in a simple, authentic, emotive, truthful and valid way. They also made their audience the centre of the story and spoke to them like royalty.


If you were to ask Amara or Anne about their success, they would start with their “Why” and how they used their “Why” to share emotive stories.


Needless to say when they asked the audience to give them their contact details, willingly they did, and with it a number of media interviews, requests for further paid speaking engagements and to round it of (only as a master of storytelling can do), the whole room of their free will stood up and gave a rousing,  tearful ovation.


I have some tips that I would love to give you. If you would like this, just connect with me here and I’ll get them across to you.


I have a few questions for you:

  • Would you too like to have a pre-organised opportunity to speak to a responsive audience in a sold-out venue in Trafalgar Square?


  • Would you like to be paid for this?


  • Would you like to develop a business model that keeps you getting paid?



  • Would you like to belong to a network of very successful business owners?


If you answered YES to any of the above, then you need to master the art of authentic STORY-TELLING, that comes straight from the heart, but delivered with a winning formula.


If you have any other questions, head over to my Facebook group here and ask, and I will respond to you.


I wish you  freedom in your thoughts this week, the freedom to be you and the audacity to live YOU even in the face of critics, and doom day seers


Sam Onigbanjo


Your Business Strategist




PS: I want to share three videos with you on how to make storytelling work for your business. Join me here and say hi and I will fire them across to you one at a time:


I found this out ( A Dialogue in my head about you)

I found this out ( A Dialogue in my head about you) blackbusinessman 3
I found that people are usually  struggling in their business, you want to build or grow your business, working in a way that totally fills you up, helping clients that you love spending time with,
But you need to be doing that
within an incredibly supportive group of like-minded people who instantly ‘get’ you… your cheerleaders who want you to succeed and who are ready to celebrate every little win, but who will also be there to offer support when you do hit challenges … People you can run things by and ask questions you have…
 A Business Community
This is your opportunity to send in your marketing or business challenge or opportunities of questions and have me and my partners/team work on it with you. I have been in business for 15 years, run a nightclub, fashion house, IT Training company, regeneration consultancy and more recently a few awards companies, plus my coaching company and Business Club. I’ve lost money and made money and know the secrets of getting back up again.
The Big Question:
Most People in 9 to 5 have tried one type of Business or another by the side, or are trying a Business by the side as I write this! Unfortunately, some of these ventures do not work, and focus returns to the “Big Employer.” While still thinking how do we Scale this Business, get more customers and get this Business really working! At the back of this thoughts are …One day ….by the Grace of God…we shall be financially free (AMEN)  But in the mean time how long is that projection? 5…10…15….titi lailai???  Because the next question that creeps in is “How will I fare financially when I retire”  This is like an Albatross hanging around the thinkers neck!
Action Time:
So you’ll send in a question
Then on the live Q&A session, I will give you ideas and how to position them, promotional strategies, communication, advertising tips and more.
Here is a small list of ideas to get you thinking about what to ask at different times: 
  • A website or landing page
  • An ad (digital or print)
  • An idea for a business that you want to flesh out or build or know if viable
  • A video you need to film
  • A lead generation technique (help getting one started or help fine tuning it)
  • How to get your first client/customer
  • Where to find your ideal customers and clients
  • Facebook Advertising help
  • Twitter
  • Email marketing
  • Lead magnet or opt-in strategy
  • Finding partners and affiliates
  • Creating content (generating ideas, systems or promotional strategies)
  • Mindset, focus and productivity
  • Goal setting or planning your long-term vision
That should get you thinking.
And if you cannot make it live, you can still post your question into the group, as we will be recording the session and putting it into the group Member’s Area.
Every month in The Business Club you get LIVE, non-filtered advice directly from me. I answer YOUR questions and give specific advice to overcome your business challenges.
You can cancel anytime you’re not tied in forever…
Here is the link to join us  right now !

The Men’s Business Breakfast Feb 2017

 You are invited to the first Men’s Big Business Breakfast of 2017

           Theme : Catapulting your business higher in 2017



    Sam Onigbanjo, The Host and Conveyor, will be sharing on how to effectively communicate any message you have in a personal, professional or Business capacity. Remember 69% of the average Human’s life is spent communicating with others verbally, through social media, in person, or in writing. If you are going to learn one new skill in 2017, then it has to be how to improve your  Effective Communication.


Amara Kanu, Architect and Fitness guru, will be sharing on how to keep your energy high. Without excellent health and energy, you are a step closer to the grave. Amara will share practical tips on how to keep in top form and peak energy for your daily activities in Business and your social life.


Dr Charlie Easmon, MD of YES Excellent health care, at Business resident of 1, Harley-street will share on how not to do Business if you really want to be successful in 2017.

feb)  The Men's Business Breakfast Feb 2017 feb

“The Men’s Business Breakfast is a quarterly Business breakfast where Men can come together in a relaxed environment and discuss issues over a hot full buffet breakfast”-Sam Onigbanjo


Date : Saturday the 11th of February 2017

Time: 10am

Venue: ESQ Bar at 805 Restaurant, Old kent Rd SE15


Entry is free but the hot African buffet breakfast and drinks is £20 per delegate

  Register here for  Free entry


How to reposition and change your perception in 2017

 How to reposition and change your perception in 2017.

You can’t control how people perceive you – but you can control your image, position and associations.


Ever heard of Ying-Yang? Ok let’s tweak it a bit and instead of watching the time let’s become “Clock builders”. Yes-I’ve read Built To Last and I love it!

So, before we go any further with this conversation, rule number one is:



This is easy in this Social Media age. Watch how many people open your newsletters, add you on social media, attend your speaking engagements, like/comment or retweet your thoughts. All of these can “change how people perceive you”. When done in the right way, it can result in a new set of perceptions for you.


If you have attended my courses or my Mastermind Coaching group or read my articles or newsletters on Effective Communication, you will find the common trend. Perceptions are created by assessments and even when people hear what you tell them, they hear what they want to hear – based on what they have heard, made up, feel, or believe. This is a mix of truths, fact, fiction and influences.


With that in the background, here is a quick outline of how you can go about your task:


1. Change the conversations:

If you are switching from being an employee to a business owner, then your conversations have to move towards leadership/forecasting and growth.


2. Change who you are having conversations with:

Your old network already has a biased opinion (good or bad)about who you are and what they should bring to the table for you. Change the scene.


3. Reframe the earlier experience:

Re-inventing yourself is compulsory, you need to accept and leverage your old experience and use as your resource of connections, networks and marketplace for the new you. Your actions will reframe you – same person but different business attire.


4. Be an action-oriented person. Let your results introduce you:

The evidence of your work will be the fastest tool to aid with rebranding you in the minds of people. No matter what you know, the proof and belief are always in the pudding. In my book titled “37 Business Thoughts”, I say that “Being the best means nothing, except the world, can evidence this.”


5. Persistence and consistency:

With persistence and consistency, no matter how long people have known you, your bullish new attitude will convert the most sceptic of old time friends or associates who aligned you with a particular way of business or life. Your ability to continue will define the new you – 37 Business Thoughts.


6. Invest to yield returns:

Invest in yourself as much as possible; because your acumen, awareness and ability to deliver will determine what level of returns you will attract. Whatever you do, please do not “Save” money by doing tasks you can outsource to “Fiverr” or some expert who will deliver in a fraction of the time it will take you.


Utilise the 80/20 principle. So no matter how daunting this new position seems as long as you lean on your improved strengths they will yield a higher return for you.


Last but not the least:

7. Self Confidence

In my coaching series on this singular point, I teach how self-belief and confidence are crucial to holding you to your new image.  “Hold on to your self-confidence, if you hold on tight to this despite any challenges, this attitude will bring you a high reward. In this case a New Perception. ”


Till next time,

Your Coach

Sam Onigbanjo

Read more about  how we can help Develop Leaders

If anyone tells you, Black Men can’t achieve much…tell them to sit down fast!

cross_n  If anyone tells you, Black Men can't achieve much…tell them to sit down fast! Cross n

If anyone tells you, Black Men can’t achieve much…tell them to sit down fast!

Saturday, the 19th of November 2016, was the date for the Men’s Big Business Breakfast, organised by Business Leader Sam Onigbanjo.  Held at ESQ Bar Old kent Road London, part of the 805 Restaurant Chain.

By 9.45am there was a gathering of men, prompt for the 10 am start.
The first Speaker on the Monday was Mr Stephen Mwale, MD of Simply Accounts; he shared points that every and any serious business man/woman would need to keep money and stay within the Law. Two key things he mentioned that stood out to me were (1) Remain honest in your finance and taxation, a healthy balance sheet will help you in the future to attract cheap funding. (2) If you have children aged 16 and above, you can save so much more money if you own your own business.

The second speaker was, Pumela Salela, Country Head, Brand South Africa in the UK, she opened up her speech with a gift bearing exercise to all attendees, then she proceeded in sharing some of the extraordinary opportunities that South Africa offers to any Interested business person. An area that Interested me in her speech was the Allied –Agriculture sector, which she pointed out was a no-brainer for anyone interested. She shared her contact details with all delegates.

The third speaker, Pax Knight, focused on a Key “Business” topic which was keeping the Honey in your relationships. His speech was received with excitement and controversy. While we heard from a gentleman in the audience, who had been married and divorced three times, another man who spent more time in academic holding three master’s degrees and another Man who doubted if it was possible to marry and stay married. Needless to say at this junction the two ladies who dared to attend the Men’s Business Breakfast were asked for their views, supported by two other men who indicated they had been married for 20 and 26 years and still happy.
The Men’s Business breakfast has not finished with the topic of Honey in your relationships.
What stood out to me most in his session was when this speaker (Pax Knight) was asked about a relationship shutting down like an aeroplane losing all its engines, the question posed being when was the best time to parachute out before the crash. Pax Knight an aircraft engineer and pilot replied “ What you don’t know is that a plane is built and designed to glide if the engines shut off. So I left there thinking don’t parachute out of a relationship, Glide!

The fourth speaker, was Amara Kanu, Architect and fitness guru, she kept her speech simple and dovetailed the session before. She shared on positive Energy, and her physical appearance had some men whispering “I need to send my wife/partner to her”What stood out to me in her speech was when you keep yourself fit and healthy you will always be more prepared for an enjoyable sex life with your partner.

The Last speaker Architect Emeka Okoye, Flew in from Nigeria and shared one simple message, the opportunity to invest and buy real estate in Ibeju-Lekki, very close to Dangote’s new refinery the largest in the world. The opportunity part of a massive real estate opportunity in Lagos, Nigeria is one not to be missed.
The Men’s Big Business breakfast is organised and hosted by Sam Onigbanjo, Sam is the Author of 37 Business thoughts and an exemplary Business leader and Coach. With numerous success stories emerging from his coaching programs. Featured on CNBC News and Virgin Entrepreneur, Sam  Onigbanjo is indeed  The Coach for Business leaders.

If you would like to know more about this business network and its services email

LinkedIn Sam Onigbanjo

Twitter @sammiedollar

Instagram Sam Onigbanjo

Charity, Fashion,Fun and Fundraising all at #Fashionmixerevents

Saturday 15th of October 2016, raising money for such a serious issue as girl child abuse and poverty was done in a fabulous new way. In an atmosphere filled with beautiful and stylish ladies and gentlemen. These Issues were brought to the attention over 100 guests at the Marriot Hotel in Norwich.

The Day started off with the Founder Caroline Akorita being   Interviewed by  BBC Norwich about the Fashionmixer charity event.

Later that evening the event commenced with The 1st Speaker Evangelist Kalonga sharing on how she caught HIV through forced intercourse but fortunately has been able to live with it for more than 18 years.

The Keynote speaker for the night Muzvare Betty Makoni shared her story, passion and love for the girl child and why the organization was established, with her were one of her first graduating students who went on to mentor her younger sister.

Entertainment on the night was a truly angelic voice  Gemma La voce, who sang and moved the entire audience with the depth and power of her voice.

DJ Mind d Gap, stole the show as he had everyone glued to the dance floor displaying world class DJ skills and flawlessly mixing both current and old school music to the sheer the delight of his audience.

Founder of Fashion Mixer Events, Caroline Akorita who is also an active member of Great Business Platforms Mastermind coaching group, was elated with the engagement, the people and most especially with the auction and raffle the participation was phenomenal.

To top it up, some ladies in the house decided to auction a 60-second plank to raise further money, led by the amazing Coco AKA Ms. Positive.

When asked how he found the night Mr. Bims Akingbade said “Normally at a fundraiser he nods off. However, this was the first fundraiser he stayed awake and participated and enjoyed.”

DJ Mind the Gap Said ” When the DJ is this excited about the night how will the audience feel.”

Thanks to all the donors and supported by this year’s event, Including Mr. Steve Mwale of Simply Accounts, Mr. Bim Akingbade of Link up Property and the amazing ladies who made sure everything auctioned was bought for a premium price.

Comperes and Auctioneers on the night Sam Onigbanjo and Seye Aina

Great Business Platforms  coaching mastermind group helps entrepreneurs meet their goals through higher productivity, increased market share and better business models and Sustained Impact

The Men’s Big Business Breakfast

2016  The Men's Big Business Breakfast 2016

The Men’s Business Breakfast is back!

On Saturday the 19th of November 2016, Sam Onigbanjo will be hosting the next Men’s Business Breakfast.

The morning promises to be lively, interact, controversial and a lot of fun, similar to the last breakfast which received had over 900 live viewers via Facebook .

Topics  over this breakfast meeting will include




Show me the money:


steve  The Men's Big Business Breakfast Steve

 Steve Mwale is  MD, Simply Accounting a professionally qualified fellow of the chartered certified accountants with over 15 years experience. My experience has been vast.  I have worked in practice, investment banking and now own my practice which I started from scratch for nearly seven years.  The name of the practice is Simply Accounts.  Besides that, I have had other businesses in recruitment and procurement.  My focus is to help small and medium-sized businesses to realise their potential swiftly.

I have outside interests such as golf, traveling, paragliding, bangy jumping, reading, movies and mounting climbing.


How to Share honey with our ladies:


pax  The Men's Big Business Breakfast pax

Pax Knight (The Code) is an Aircraft Engineer and Consultant with a master’s degree in management and the author of the friendship code. He is not only passionate about aviation but also about relationships and the state of our society.







The delicious breakfast will be made by 805 Restaurants.

ed1-1  The Men's Big Business Breakfast ed1 1

The Host Sam Onigbanjo, is an advocate  for Pan-Africanism, he believes that the true value in Africa lies in people and leadership. Sam, is  delighted to host this  business and leadership breakfast as a  time of refreshing for men.

The event is sponsored by Simply Accounts

Venue: ESQ Bar at 805 Restaurant, Old kent road London SE15

Date: Saturday the 19th November 2016

Time : 10am

Entry: Sponsored by Simply Accounts but Breakfast is £20 per head for a full African buffet served by 805 Restaurant. For tickets click here

For more Information email or get your ticket via this link