Start your 2015 social media savvy.



Wisetola  Start your 2015 social media savvy. Wisetola

Not everyone has to become a social media expert but everyone should be able to take advantage of the Global publicity and awareness it brings.

On Thursday the 12th of February 2015, GBP Business Club is  excited to have you in attendance while our Speaker for the night “Wisetola” shows us how she gets 90,000 viewers reading what she talks about in just one week on twitter! If you would like the same results for your business or organisation, just take action join the Business Club today or attend as a visitor(it costs more)


You will also hear from our Regional Director, Toyin Ero-Davidson, on how to have a second Income from property without even owning a property.

Toyin Ero  Start your 2015 social media savvy. Toyin Ero

Plus lots more of benefits as our members are giving away offers and gifts for this Valentines day!

So Join us on Thursday the 12th of February at our Buckinghamshire  chapter

Venue: Memlings African Grill Restaurant, Agora centre,1st Floor side entrance Agora Indoor centre, Church street, Wolverton.


You will learn about:

  • Why Twitter is a tool you can not do without in business
  • How to create interesting content for Twitter
  • Why your smartphone is a great investment
  • How to make twitter work for you
  • Getting followers on Facebook fanpage
  • Growing your Influence via LinkedIN
  • How to make a second Income from property
  • Growing a business database of people who want to buy from you


Venue: Memlings African Grill Restaurant, Agora centre,1st Floor side entrance Agora Indoor centre, Church street, Wolverton.


Time: 6.30pm till 8.30pm

Date: Thursday the 12th of February 2015

Entry:  Visitors and guests only for this event  £25,

Click on the link , Business services  on the top of this page to discover what else GBP Business Club can do to help power your business in 2015!



African edition of popular board game Monopoly

Monopoly1  African edition of popular board game Monopoly Monopoly1GBP Business Club  caught up with the MD of Bestman games Nimi Akinkugbe , recently in London and she granted us an impromptu interview. What I found really Interesting was the business and cultural opportunities behind monopoly and the fact that her company holds the  Monopoly license for 48 African countries.  To find out more about  this business and others join our business club now.

To get a copy of this as a christmas present click below



Monopoly2  African edition of popular board game Monopoly Monopoly2

Milton Keynes, Chapter opens on Tuesday the 2nd of December 2014

cs2  Milton Keynes, Chapter opens on Tuesday the 2nd of December 2014 cs2


We are pleased to announce that the Great Business Platforms Business club GBP Business club, has arrived in   Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

On Tuesday the 2nd of December at 6.30pm, we will launch our Inaugural business club meeting at Memlings African Grill Restaurant, Agora centre,1st Floor side entrance Agora Indoor centre, Church street, Wolverton. Regional Director Toyin Davidson-Ero, Is elated at this opportunity as , Milton Keynes is rife with entrepreneurs seeking opportunities to partake in a global business such as GBP Business Club.

What to expect on the day:

Click here to see what happened on the day


We also have Gold and Corporate packages ,for more Information email

Thursday 23rd of October

IMG_9411  Thursday 23rd of October IMG 9411

All roads led to the Plush ESQ Bar for the GBP Business Club, on Thursday the 23rd of October, The evening commenced with the Host Sam Onigbanjo welcoming new and existing club members to the night.

The first speaker, Solicitor  Maureen Ogbu, wowed the audience with her business offer to growing UK based businesses that wanted to start on the right side of the  business and employment law. She also offered a time limited service to GBP Club members that Included specific legal advice completely subsidised by their Business Club membership! So non members join ASAP!




IMG_9369  Thursday 23rd of October IMG 9369Our Second Speaker was Mr Mayowa Oluyede, of MS Estates, he opened a few live accounts and showed us a bit more about the world of fores trading and how anyone could make some money daily without stopping their normal daily work route. GBP Business Club  are currently putting together a series of dates for special training and mentoring for club members in Forex.




IMG_9390  Thursday 23rd of October IMG 9390Our Last speaker on the night was Toyin Ero-Davidson, Specialist solicitor in distressed properties and repossessions, she  made an offer to members , that would aid them in earning extra money each money.

The bar staff were on point as usual and the networking second to none.

Indeed the cream of business minds gathered together to make things happen, needless to say so many deals have already started happening.

Try out a business encounter at the GBP Business club, i’m confident you’ll be glad you did.


IMG_9338  Thursday 23rd of October IMG 9338IMG_9719  Thursday 23rd of October IMG 9719

Review of Business Summit

Official review of  the Business and Leadership summit hosted by Women4Africa and Great Business Platforms .

Friday the 7th of November, we hosted the 3rd Annual Business and Leadership Summit –Powered by Great Business Platforms.

IMG_0903  Review of Business Summit IMG 0903

Venue: The Canterbury Suite, Thistle Hotel, Marble Arch

Doors opened at 10am:


The day started with coffee, biscuits and croissants, followed by a brief networking session.


This is how the day went


Speaker 1: Heather Benham-Growth Voucher.

Heather, lead our audience through a punchy and precise presentation on how any Business in England could benefit from a up to £2,000 grant to help develop the strategic objectives of that particular business. In Particular how you could position your business much better for new business and publicity. For more Information email


with Heather  Review of Business Summit with Heather








Event Sponsor: Dr Akin Tikare,

 Akin  Review of Business Summit Akin

Spoke with authority about this subject area dentistry and why your “Orals” matter in Perception. From strong breath to bleeding gums, he identified how personal insecurity, complex could easily weaken commercial standing and inadvertently work adversely on your position and perception. With verbal communication as an important part of daily interactions. With multiple graphic aids this point was driven home. Needless to say there were a series of questions  from our delegates that extended his session.


Speaker 2:  Dr Yvonne Thompson CBE

IMG_0956  Review of Business Summit IMG 0956


–The voice of experience and maturity rang rich though the audience, it was clear within a few minutes of her presentation that Yvonne dared to go where many had before! Yvonne carefully carried our delegates along as she shared In particular the story of developing her current book “7 traits of highly successful women on boards” She gave us multiple examples of how she approached various leaders in the city and how anyone in the room could duplicate her actions. Her style and presentation made it easy to sell out all her books even before she had finished her presentation.


 Speaker 3: Pooja Samani,

IMG_0964  Review of Business Summit IMG 0964

Director of IRN Networks and Professor of Event Management,  Pooja focused on brands and branding, she shared with us how she and her CEO  grew there business, she shared clear examples of brand equity and the difference between its own value and the value of the business it is associated with. She went on to share examples and thoughts mainly homing in on consistency and quality as the drivers of a Value business and true indicators of Perception and Positioning. At the end it would be fair to say she was almost mobbed by “new converts” who really benefitted from the value of this branding expert.



The Queens Honours:

Abby Oshodi  Review of Business Summit Abby Oshodi

Represented by Dr Yvonne Thompson and Abby Oshodi, shed light on what is required and how more people in the community should get involved and nominated for the Queens Awards





Event Sponsor: Toyin Seweje,

Toyin1  Review of Business Summit Toyin1

MD ,of Marcel of London, Toyin focused on etiquette , she brought a very practical touch to how what you wear can affect perspectives and perceptions.

She quickly show cased some beautiful jewellery





Speaker 4 Elizabeth Uwaifo:

Elizabeth  Review of Business Summit Elizabeth

Spoke about the emergence of a new leadership within the community, she strongly advocated for people to make sure they supported each other in business as much as possible


“ We need to Evolve from Independent business leaders to Interdependent leaders” Sam Onigbanjo

“When you need a mentor in an area you are struggling, reach out to someone” Elizabeth Uwaifo

Honours are a wonderful encouragement. It is about recognising the impact of selflessness in community” Abby Oshodi

“Focus on your focus and How to become a key person of Influence” Dr Yvonne Thompson

To make sure you don’t miss the next event and to join our business club at our promotional offer price , email and someone will contact you

bukky p  Review of Business Summit bukky p IMG_0989  Review of Business Summit IMG 0989

IMG_0968  Review of Business Summit IMG 0968

N2  Review of Business Summit N2IMG_0968  Review of Business Summit IMG 0968

IMG_0995  Review of Business Summit IMG 0995 IMG_1000  Review of Business Summit IMG 1000 IMG_1009  Review of Business Summit IMG 1009 Simi n Nefateri  Review of Business Summit Simi n Nefateri

Gladiators  Review of Business Summit Gladiators IMG_0883  Review of Business Summit IMG 0883

Bukky Odusote  Review of Business Summit Bukky Odusote Buky working  Review of Business Summit Buky working

Sis Mary  Review of Business Summit Sis Mary

omotola and  Review of Business Summit omotola and

IMG_0972  Review of Business Summit IMG 0972IMG_0937  Review of Business Summit IMG 0937IMG_1016  Review of Business Summit IMG 1016IMG_0926  Review of Business Summit IMG 0926











with Didi  Review of Business Summit with Didi










































IMG_1004  Review of Business Summit IMG 1004







David Muir  Review of Business Summit David MuirIMG_0901  Review of Business Summit IMG 0901


cs2  Review of Business Summit cs2

With speakers  Review of Business Summit With speakersCS Men  Review of Business Summit CS Men

Eight stages to your marketing strategy

A Gift for all members of the Great Business Platforms Business Club

Eight stages of your marketing strategy
This is about focusing all your efforts on:

Profitably communicating the ability of your company to deliver your customer’s needs/help solve their particular problems – and to do this better than your competitors.

See these five key elements of a strong marketing strategy.

Here’s what to do:

Stage one: analysis

Whats your organisation’s mission, vision and corporate strategy.
Review your internal resources.
Stage two: insight

Decide which Insights are core
Market intelligence.
Desk research.
Review other produced works
Learn from existing works
Stage three: your target audience
Agree how to define your audience
Develop your needs driven segment
Agree your targeting strategy.
Be dynamic with your positioning

Review your customer profile.
Identify where your customer is
Learn from customer Data
Examine your competitive advantage for each chosen segment.
Carry out a customer analysis and start walking in their shoes. Really get to know them.
Stage four: goals and objectives

Objectives drive the organisation. They are a clear and concise statement of what you want to achieve.
Your marketing objectives will develop out of your business objectives.

Are they SMART and customer focused?
Is it clear what evaluation metrics/KPIs will be used to determine success?
Agree which of the following will deliver your business objectives?
Stage five: your Marketing Mix strategy

Develop a strategy for each of the 9 Ps to create your overall marketing mix strategy.

Stage six: developing a customer/audience proposition

Create a powerful, single-minded customer offer/proposition for:

The recruitment of new customers.
The retention of existing customers.
The winning back/reactivation of previous customers.
Also for cross-sell/up-sell opportunities.
Stage seven: implementation

Agree the responsibilities of key people/teams/agencies/third party suppliers (marketing, sales and customer services team).
Agree the budget
Agree all deadlines/the timing plan.
Include budget and timing contingencies.
Agree how you plan to evaluate your strategy.
Brief your Legal, Customer Services and other relevant departments.
Stage eight: evaluation and control

Read this industry guide on measuring marketing payback.
Then plan how each individual campaign will be evaluated (if this wasn’t done in stage seven, above).
See also

A definition of the term ‘marketing strategy’.
How the term market is defined.
Market analysis.
What is marketing?
Market overview.
Marketing as an organisational function and orientation.
Marketing as an interface between departments.
The marketing audit.
Your marketing plan.

The above eight point guide was copied from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, where I am a Fellow.
Sam Onigbanjo,FCIM
Great Business Platforms

Profitable Business Ideas Workshop

Profitable Business Ideas Workshop correct


Helping over 1,000 businesses start and grow has taught me a few things. Some of these things I have shared in my stellar book titled 37 Business Thoughts.

Do you know that the level of insight you receive or are exposed to when you want to really start your business will make or break you? Did you know that 9 out of every 10 businesses fail because the business owners have not carried out their due diligence? Sometimes it isn’t your fault, sometimes it is because you have not had the right business coach show you how and guide you through.

That’s exactly what we’re going to be doing with you on  Monday the 30th October. So, as a business strategist with over 15 years experience, published business author, International speaker, Consultant, Trainer and multiple award-winning business coach strategist and Business owner/Employer, I wholeheartedly invite every business owner or startup attend my “Profitable Business Ideas” Workshop. I have imbibed key personal development, leadership and irrevocable business laws into this workshop, that will help you to be successful.

The purpose is to work with a group of not more than 5; just 5 of you, over 2.5 hours to work out how viable your business idea is. Based on  Internal  Leadership, Marketing, Sales, and Finance. I keep this workshop small because I want it to be personalised to you.

This message is for you if you want to act on an inner burning desire to take control of your business and financial destiny.

It’s simple, at different times in life we are prepared to act and invest in OUR OWN Future. For you, that time is NOW!

My Profitable Business Ideas workshop is a Limited opportunity for you to have me in a small group of 5 drill down into your business idea(s) and weigh it against the metrics of today’s business world. You will exit this workshop with a clear understanding of what you should do next for your business or brand.

Commit to YOUR Business growth register now by clicking on this link.

Maximum delegates per session – 5.

My next workshop will  hold  on Monday the 30th of October,  6 pm in Greenwich London

Watch what past delegates have to say click here

Registration fee is £29 per delegate.

This workshop is incredibly dynamic and the tools should be applied anywhere you go!


Sam Onigbanjo





Wealth creation through real estate

We have access to daily real estate opportunities in the UK, especially London, we also have a new office focusing on Nigerian real estate and mortgages.

If you are seeking a quick cash sale on a Below market value property or you are a Cash buyer that wants to Invest in Below market value properties, then email

We are confidential and private in all our dealings.great platforms  Wealth creation through real estate great platforms