Fundraising: Small businesses often worry about this, however with our team this will never remain a huge concern, we have many years experience in this sector and will help you raise what you need for your business. We can raise from as little as £5,000 upwards we have dedicated experts who can give you expert advise and also help you raise different types of funding for your project. Your first step should be to email us and wait for someone to contact you back. email

  • We also have a book on how to self start your fundraising if you would like to try it yourself or a half-day workshop that really gives you a hands on approach to successfully raising funding for your project.
  • Now watch testimonies of people just like you who have raised funding with our help.
  • So take action and join our fundraising mentoring group /training classes/personal service or be cost-effective and access our online membership portal.
  • Watch a few client testimonies below!

If this looks like what you want I have a very special offer for you

  •   Three successful United Kingdom funding applications,that I have personally written for my clients  (names removed)  ,I raised £20-30,000K for my clients!
  • One book on how to position your organisation for funding and
  • One 30 minute any questions asked call on skype with me .
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    •   Three successful business plans and cash flow forecasts that I have personally written for my clients  (names removed),  I raised £60-900,000
      • One 30 minute session with any questions asked  call to me on skype .
      • All for  £97 for the first one hundred buyers
      • The clock is ticking
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Training , Speaking and Consultancy:

If you would like us to train  you or your team in how to:

  • Choose the right vehicle for accessing funding
  • Understand the different types of vehicles eligible for accessing funding
  • Understanding where to access funding from
  • Training on how to write successful funding applications and
  • Help and consultancy in how to write funding applications.
  • Lastly, we can write your applications for you.

We are also available to give Inspiring fundraising speeches to large or small audiences.

For this and more contact Sam  on 


Sam Onigbanjo, FCIM, Multiple award winning speaker and entrepreneur!