My friend Morin Carew, put this up on Linkedin and I thought I had to share it with you guys,happy reading

So, the New Year is well underway and you are pretty much on course to achieving all your set goals! Not to mention the level of your zeal and determination is still at the optimum. You still have enough fire in your belly to carry you through to the end of the year where you can hardly wait to congratulate yourself on a job well done!

Unfortunately, this is not the experience of everyone and some people need some form of assistance to help them stay on course and reach the finish line at the set time. I am talking about having an Accountability Partner.

An Accountability Partner, simply put, is someone you have given permission to ‘kick your butt’ when you are slowing down and losing focus. Someone to encourage as well as challenge you so you remain committed to your goals and achieve them.

From my personal experience, there are three levels of accountability relationships that would be helpful for anyone to have:

Someone you look up to – This is someone that you admire and have a great respect for. Such individual has influence over you and can call you to order if you step out of line. This person is able to kick your butt hard enough to move you forward!

Someone you are on a par with – This is someone on the same level as you, a colleague or a friend with mutual respect and admiration. Someone you rub minds with without inhibitions. To a certain extent there is a bit of friendly rivalry in the sense that their success challenges and motivates you to aim high and achieve your goals.

Someone who looks up to you – This is someone you are mentoring or you have an influence over. You are their role model! You know you’ve got to deliver or else you will lose respect. You have a responsibility and a duty towards this individual to live up to their expectations, to practise what you preach! And honestly, we all need people like this in our lives or else we will go extinct leaving no trace of ourselves behind.

So, do a rain check today and if you discover you need some help along the way, seek out people on the three recommended levels above and see yourself grow in leaps and bounds.