Celebrating Your Progress

              Celebrating Your Progress

Whether you are acknowledging an anniversary or just saying thank you, your message should make your customers feel great about ever choosing to use your brand– Sam Onigbanjo

Today, I want to rave about two amazing ladies, members of my Mastermind Group for Entrepreneurs!

Shola Alabi, Education expert, with two Education centres. One in London and the other in Essex.

A couple of Sundays ago, Shola was the Keynote speaker at an Education Conference at the Bromley Court Hotel.  Normally an hour-long session with one speaker is enough to send you to sleep unless you have the phenomenal gift of connecting with your audience and you ooze of passion. Shola Alabi fits this description, in fact, she had her audience eating out of her hand as the clock moved from 60 to 100 minutes with more questions still coming for her! So, you can imagine how eager her audience were to hear the next thing from her.  Shola used a combination of strategies I coach my entrepreneurs on; one of them being mastering the art of storytelling, as this is an emotive way of winning the hearts of your audience.

There are three reasons why I am raving about Shola Alabi.

She is an expert and helps parents fulfil educational dreams for their children.

Shola has developed a dedicated hub for busy parents who need to stay ahead of their children’s educational and behaviour and

Yes, this phenomenal lady is a member of my Mastermind Group, and I am super proud of her.

(So, whatever way you are supporting  your children with their Education, this lady will help make things better.)

The other lady, who is also a member of my Mastermind Group that I am boasting about today is Amara Kanu.

If you are on Instagram, then you might have seen her profile. She is a fitness and energy expert and coaches many women around the world on getting their health and fitness in order.

What makes Amara, a lady to boast about is her tenacious focus on success. If you want to lose; yes I mean to lose a bet, then bet against Amara rising to any challenge you set her!

I understand she deleted the word “Cant” from her dictionary, so everything is possible in her world.

Amara held her debut event two weeks ago in Covent Garden, Central London to a sold out room. As I watched her address her audience, I was filled with awe because all of the speaking techniques I had taught her were executed flawlessly. A brilliant student always graduates from level to level.

Amara, has me raving and it’s true simply because:

She is deaf to the word “Can’t.”

She practises till you have to move her goal post.

Yes, she is a member of my mastermind group.

(Amara, is the go-to person for Health and Fitness, watch one of her free videos on Instagram @akhealthy)

There is so much more I can share about these two ladies, but I think it’s best I invite you to one of our open house events so you can understand the type of entrepreneurs these powerhouse ladies are.

Do, you want this type of progress?
Do you want to be part of a Mastermind Group for Entrepreneurs that will cheer you on?
Do you want 2017 to be your kick arse year?
Do you want me to be your strategist and coach?

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It’s Sam Onigbanjo,

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