Profitable Business Ideas Workshop

We are more than halfway through  2018 ! It’s been Fab for my family and my clients, and I want to share a bit about whats making it fabulous for us.

You see, we are scaling our businesses on the principles of Profitable Business Ideas and its working.

“Profitable Business Ideas” is a system and the purpose of the Workshop is to work with a group of not more than 5; just 5 of you, over 2 hours to work out how financially viable a business idea is based on Leadership, business modelling, sales, Online Marketing (Digital) and potential cash flow.

This message is for you if you want to act on an inner burning desire to take control of your business and financial destiny.

So be Intentional

It’s simple, at different times in life we are prepared to act and Invest in OUR OWN Future. For you, that time is NOW!

So take action!

Profitable Business Ideas workshop is a Limited opportunity for you to have me in a small group of 5 drill down into your business idea(s) and weigh it against the metrics of today’s business world. You will exit this workshop with a healthy and robust business idea ready to take to the next stage, to be successful.

Make your family proud of you and take action now.

Maximum delegates per session 5

This workshop runs online as a webinar with an Interactive session, the next one is holding on  Monday the 19th of November 2018.

Grab your ticket here 

10.30am till 12 Noon

2.30 till 4pm
6.30pm till 8 pm

Registration fee is £29 per delegate. Click here to join us

PBI £29

This workshop is incredibly dynamic and the tools should be applied anywhere you go! Another testimony from a previous delegate. See below

PBI £29

The Authority Guide on Time Investment for Serious People only!

 You can do this come on!


Are you focusing on improving yourself? Are you wondering how you can keep your focus on the things that really matter? Well, I definitely want to share these great thoughts and I hope you and I can action these asap!

  1. Do not procrastinate, if it’s on your to-do list TAKE ACTION
  2. Keep yourself entertained, watch, listen or read entertaining educational content (smile)!
  3. Do not bother doing it all yourself, automate and delegate so you can invest time in scaling.
  4. Small things yield massive results, pay a bit more attention to the detail or if you don’t know how to find someone who can
  5. Apply a priority management tool to your time, keep things prioritised.
  6. Invest as need be but FOCUS on one thing at a time.
  7. Learn, apply and practice…. repeat Learn, apply and practice…repeat
  8. Think and develop a great strategy.
  9. Ask for any help you need, but ask the right people join a Tribe
  10. Recognise, you have ONLY ONE-Time lease, prioritise yourself, I didn’t say be selfish, I said prioritise yourself (Your mission, destiny, cause, Take action

So, these are my Ten points to Invest your time, and If you like this I will send you the tool I mentioned in point 5, it really helps structure my priority thinking.
Just send me a  mail and say, Sam, pls send me the tool, email
Meanwhile, have a fab week and follow us on Instagram @greatbusinessplatforms

Wishing you undiluted Success
Sam Onigbanjo

Ps….. The Image above! YES the message is loud and clear like AJO says  Believe in yourself”