Introduction to Digital Marketing the Authority guide

If you are new to digital marketing, or are curious about digital marketing? I have good news for you. You are part of a new wave of curious people designing the future of marketing! So many people have not woken up to how digital marketing is rewriting the way marketing is done.

This Authority Guide To Digital Marketing outlines the most advanced insights and strategy for business owners, marketers, students, and anyone else trying to understand how they can understand and take advantage of Digital Marketing.

Digital marketing is not a brain-twisting new technology, you can and will be in control of this subject area.
If you have ever heard of online marketing or doing business online or social media marketing, then you have come in to contact with Digital marketing.

This Authority Guide To Digital Marketing shows you in the simplest and most practical terms, how to design and deliver your own digital marketing strategy. You do not need to be an IT Professional or Tech guru to understand this. You just need to commit to following these principles and practising them.

These goals include winning new leads, converting leads to clients and acquiring product evangelists on.

What You’ll Learn

We’ll cover 2 Key areas:

Digital Marketing Methodology and practice
The methodology and practice required to build a digital system that can be used to capture , engage and convert leads. Creating your strategy based on your customer avatar, you will build your customer journey on this end to end avatar journey. The steps every value journey must take to move from where they are to where they need to be (Which is purchasing your product or service)

Digital Marketing Metrics
The Numbers: Your ability to measure and scale your campaigns, these numbers will quickly inform you on where to invest most of your time and resource. With scaling and targeting in the right places you will quickly start to experience great returns.

Remember every relationship is built, it does not suddenly appear! This reminds me of the story of the sincere guy who wanted to marry a beautiful lady and proposed to her on the first date! Obviously she ran a mile as this was seriously odd behaviour. Funny the same thing applies when a business does not go through an organised digital marketing methodology and tries to close a sale out of the blue!
Note: Customers like relationship building in every digital marketing relationship we build a methodology around
 Awareness
 Engagement
 Evaluation and
 Sales / repeat sales
 Brand Advocacy
…from the time you acquire them as a new lead.
So, Please feel free to join one of our Webinars or inhouse training sessions on “ How to build and keep a digital relationship in a globalised marketplace”
Sam Onigbanjo, is CEO of Great Business Platforms, he is a Certified Digital Content Marketing Expert and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Sam also runs a very successful and dynamic business strategy group!
There are 3 things we do really well in our group!
1. Fantastic Mentoring to keep you on focus and help you grow and become profitable faster.
2. Teach you via a structured curriculum so you really understand and are able to apply what you have learnt.
3. Host you in a Tribe of brave Entrepreneurs! I am sure you might have noticed Entrepreneurship can be lonely! Yes you may have friends and supporters but what you really want is people that are in business like you and can share with you, cheer you on, connect with you and roll with you. Our community is a big WOW for entrepreneurs looking for a home team with other champions.

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