(Hand out given out at Business club, 18/6/15)

yinka7 Extra   tips for delivering winning pitches: Whether it’s a 90 second pitch or longer remember these tips.

You will never have a second chance to make a first impression.

An unclear message leads to an underserved and unsatisfied audience


  1. Body language, Always keep your hands open( Palms open and level) if you are being Interviewed or you are trying to consult. However if you are in a 1-2-1 conversation keep still to show “Authority”
  2. Define your pitch, define your business story, get to the call for action.
  3. Your point must be crystal clear,  (and delivered soon)or else the benefit will never be evident.
  4. Be Persuasive: get your target to think aahh, this is good for me!
  5. Think ahead, anticipate and manage your audiences mind. Never assume one shoe fits all.
  6. Leading your audience by telling a clear story, means you are in control and you have an opportunity to position yourself as an “Authority” plus in an “Excellent light”
  7. Always seed customer interests, in to your pitch or else they might wonder, why are they telling me all of this???



Strategic Communication tips:

You are not conversing to socialise only, you are conversing to Influence and persuade.

Always have a mental picture of what you want to have before you start speaking, converse as an authority.

Add to who you are what benefit you can give,

Understand what your contact might need.

This is known as Client or Audience Advocacy action:

Action Thought:

       Self-confidence, one of the master keys for winning pitches 


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                             Using the Client Advocacy Action Model  on your target prospects

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