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If you are planning or just starting to access finance for your business, irrespective of your sector there are some key things you should always keep in mind.

1) Money grows when it is Invested and given out, so every manager of finance wants to give out money from a fund pot. Look at it this way, the Interest you pay back is the growth of their money! So asking for money from funds is what they are there for, without you, they would soon be broke!

2)There are more people asking for money than there is money available! Is that statement true? Or Is it that there are not enough qualifying funding applications in relation to funds available?

I am not going to answer that but I do welcome comments and feedback!

3) Is it possible to access finance with a bad credit file? I’ll answer this, yes it is possible Infact If you have bad credit or No credit that are opportunities in the UK to access funding for your projects, you just need to be in the right networks to access this.

So, here are some key tips for you.

If your business has anything to do with Environment, Health, or Education, it is very likely you can access a non refundable grant for this. How? By attending a How to write a successful grant application workshop or Identifying a specialist to do all the work for you.

If not and you are looking for a small loan for your business,there are some government backed schemes that can make that happen in a twinkle of an eye !.


When you present a proposal for finance, always be clear on

The Cashflow forecast
The Size and opportunity in Market
Your competitive approach
Your Understanding of the Industry or sector

For more Information on the above or other esquires email