Own that stage become a confident  Public speaker!

Hi there, I have a question for you, have you ever thought it was too late for you to succeed or perhaps you were not qualified to do the task ahead of you? Do you feel, you are not ready to present and speak in public to the people you secretly want to hear your message? Do you feel a disconnect between the passion in your heart, thoughts in your head and what comes out of your mouth?

Have you ever imagined yourself doing any of the below, when you think of delivering a speech or presentation in public?

  • Fumbling
  • Hesitating,
  • Weak voice sound,
  • Stammering
  • Racing heartbeat
  • Feel like sinking into a hole

I understand that feeling and I’ve been there MANY times myself!

I’ll tell you a truth, these type of thoughts always worked against my progress and  I can tell you if you leave them as they are they will work against your progress as well.

You see, the problem with these feelings and thoughts is that they ALWAYS hijack and steal our energy, passion and dream focus, these thoughts and feelings stop us from being who we really are.

I think you deserve to be taking big strides to solve this challenge right now!  And when you do

  • Your message will suddenly become crystal clear and received by your listeners.
  •  You will automatically start to be perceived as a competent authority in your subject area.
  • You will be taken more seriously by your audience
  •  Your speech will inspire confidence in anyone listening to you
  • The law of attraction will magnetise towards you whatever you are seeking including money.


You will experience an Internal transformation, the energy that previously was squeezed up in a ball of anxiety and self-doubt will untangle and dissipate.

No more fear of public speaking or stage fright, dry throat and quivering voice pitches will be regularised

You will feel forgiven and free enough to start again, without emotional baggage, you will share your message with clarity and confidence


A fifteen-minute recording on the Principles of Emotive Branding ( this is a massive gift) and should be used to win over anyone at home, or work, Including Family members or difficult work colleagues.

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Venue: Online- With Real time interaction in a small video group, and further private group support

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Read a recent testimony below

Dear Sam,

I would like to say thank you for all your support and guidance during my toughest journey at work.

I met up with Sam Onigbanjo a day before my speech at the IVY London. We were discussing another event. Whilst discussing another project. I shared with Sam about my big upcoming speech.
Sam just smiled and got up and started to mirror my speech and advised me about my hand posture and voice speed.
What really got to me was when he said there is more to this.
Sam said on the inside you need to be in control and project it to the outside. His words were “you have to be a god to your audience above and in control”I can share at my actual speech I went up more confident with no paper in my hand.
At the end someone made a £5000 donation in my hand to Alzheimer’s society and a weather presenter of 20 years Sian Lloyd said “Shareen with this type of speaking style you are going places”

Thank you my name is Shareen Qureshi, and I work as a Vice-President  for Barclays Bank.

Thank you


Shareen Qureshi

Vice-President | Market Development Manager London South | Premier Banking |

What a Testimony!

I would like to personally Invite you to take action, Join me and a small group of action takers and I promise to change your approach and confidence level in Public speaking from the Inside out!

Wishing you Good Success, Great health and Lots of Love in your Life

Sam Onigbanjo

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Public speaking L1