When customers connect emotively – because they share the same values and beliefs as your brand, it is a true love affair. Automatically, your clients will have more time for your brand, and they will be more willing to understand your brand shortcomings. This new emotion leads to higher sales and superior brand differentiation. Brand love also leads to loyalty especially in the midst of a price war or a drive from fierce competition.  Brand love also promotes advocacy, where your customers endlessly refer your product or services, and It will also promote faithfulness as happy lovers NEVER want to part ways.

I was having a conversation with a great person who holds a P.hd from a Russell University, the topic was how much more research and work needs to be done to convince an audience to buy in and pay for products. Also making sure the product/services were of value and had to be measured!

I smiled and answered, lets make this simple: You are coming from a Logical point of view and that is fine but the truth is rarely anybody buys based on Logic. Logic led people are in the minority when it comes to people and decisions. Here are a few simple examples

I asked this question, do you know anyone that is living a “Normal” life and wants to die now?

She stared at me, then I asked, do you know at least ten people that smoke? She answered sure yes. I replied on the pack of cigarettes, it say’s smoking can KILL. So why are people buying their own deaths?

She stared, then said, you have in your own words successfully completed a P.hd and have so much insight in your field and can HELP so many businesses save Millions of pounds? She answered YES.

So, I asked another question   If I featured you with your money saving solutions proven and backed by your experience in the city and P.hd and I Invited Kim Kardashian to reveal her body where would you think these business leaders would go? By this time she started laughing. I said Why did America vote for Donald Trump?

Her hands, fell to her side and she adjusted herself in the seat (to a student like  posture)  and I knew my simple story had done it again. Emotions always Trump over Logic. People can never really justify why they LOVE but will always act on that Emotion before Logic.

Interestingly this is how money flows, Finances are emotional, they flow to where they grow.

Storytelling is the conveyor of these emotions. I want to share with you how YOU can practically apply storytelling to help you sell to your audience without it appearing as a sale. It’s not magic, Its the way YOUR brain and every other HUMAN Brain is wired.  This is the Power of the Emotive, and I want to share with you how you can Brand your Business in a very special and Emotive way.

Read this Client Testimony!

Hello Sam,
It was nice talking to you earlier, as discussed please see below link to our videos BEFORE the Emotive Branding Seminar I attended and AFTER the seminar.
Thank you for making such a great impact on our work, looking forward to becoming part of your group.
You’re the best!
Before the training the highest views we had was 12k:
After the training one of our videos is now at 503k views
Kind regards

WOW Did you read that!  This client has written that the highest amount of views they ever had before they attended  My Emotive Branding training was 12,000 views and she said after applying these Emotive Branding principles they have exceeded 1/2 a million!!! and she’s put the Facebook links in!!!

So what could you be possibly waiting for???? The proof is in the pudding. Be  Intentional Be An Action taker Join us NOW

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Emotive Storytelling

Below is a snippet of an Interaction with a bewilder colleague , amazed at how emotive branding made decision makers take unusual decisions

Take note of the emphasis placed on the speed in which the decision to buy was made and the speed in which the payment was made click below to watch

There is only one thing to do now ! and that is Join us and apply this to YOUR Circumstance!  Click below take action right now!


Emotive storytelling