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**The greatest and most frequently asked **questions by successful leaders have always started with the word “How.”

  • How do I know it will work?
  • How do I attract the right clients and customers?
  • How much Capital do I need?

The questions go on and on. My name is Sam Onigbanjo, Founder of Great Business Platforms, and I have over 15 years experience of in Business in the UK and an additional five years of International Business within African markets.

On my side of the fence,  every time I get asked a “How”, I want to know your “Why.”

Using some of the most robust and tested business tools and methodologies available anywhere in the world, myself and my team set out to serve you with only one end goal in mind – “Your Business Success” Simple!

There are three groups of business people; I work with, irrespective of age or gender and they are:

  • Pre-starts, people thinking about starting a business and needing expert external eyes and expertise to help support and coach them.
  • Startups, businesses that are less than 24 months old or have a turnover below £100,000.
  • Existing Businesses that are trading but need support with leadership development (coaching) structure, new product launches, or creative marketing strategies in particular.

If you fit in any of the above categories, I am offering one free strategy session to help set you up.

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This is a quick summary of how it works…

  1. Use the link to book your free 15-Minute Strategy Session today. Your breakthrough is just around the corner.
  2. You will then be directed to my calendar so that we can have our first coaching session together.
  3. On the call, we will get focused on your business goals and come up with some clarity on what you really should be doing. It may be to work on your opt-in page, your lead magnet or email marketing nurturing sequence, creating and selling out your  event, how to start your blog or what direction to take it, creating a killer social media presence, starting your coaching program, positioning yourself as a leader in your market or it could be something else that’s not even listed here).
  4. After each call, I’ll send you an email with what the one thing you ought to do next to skyrocket your business.

I don’t have a lot of spaces for my free strategy sessions, so click below to guarantee your session!

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Godspeed, and I’ll see you on the inside,
Sam Onigbanjo
Business Strategist