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All Done for you In house by our Team at Great Business Platforms, while you Focus on your “Core” Business


Our Team help guides entrepreneurs and businesses towards the right AI tools for marketing automation, campaigns and global online marketing


Our Team will Identify and connect your product or serve to your Ideal Customer, This means we will use analytics and any data you provide to identify your “Ideal Customer Avatar”…

Social Media Marketing

Despite Social media handles being free to use, research shows that over 72% of users do not utilise over 60% of the available tools and Hacks that can help any Entrepreneur or SME really scale the return on time investment…

Digital Media Solutions

The Savvy Entrepreneur knows that nurturing and engaging their audience is key to growth…


At Great Business Platforms we can train you or your Team how to apply digital tools to your business so you can automated more processes and have more time to focus on your Money making activities.

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The Authority Guide to Digital Marketing.


It was nice talking to you earlier, as discussed please see below link to our videos BEFORE the Emotive Branding Seminar I attended and AFTER the seminar. Thank you for making such a great impact on our work, looking forward to becoming part of your group. You’re the best!
Before the training the highest views we had was 12k:
After the training one of our videos is now at 503k views

- Toyin Davidson-Ero

More about us​

  • Do you want to press a button and someone understands what you want? I mean what your Business really wants and Needs?
  • Do you want to deal with a Team that are experienced enough to help you grow your Business through the right type of Marketing?
  • Do you want to work with a team that can look you in the eye and tell you “Bad Idea” Stop or we will pull out?
  • Do you want to work with Entrepreneurs who have experienced Dry seasons, Broke Seasons, Bad Judgment calls  and still somehow survived?
  • Do you want to work with a Team that Choose who they work with based on Common Values and the Understanding that Profit is a reward for the Solution Provider?

If this sounds like your sort of People then, we might have synergy, at Great Business Platforms we are shameless workaholics but I dare say we host the best parties as well.


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