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5 Reasons to Consider Social Media Automation



Social media automation according to Sproutsocial is the process of optimizing social interactions using automated tools. In this rapidly evolving world of uncertainties, a lot of businesses and brands are stuck in the past, wasting valuable time and resources chasing after trivial matters.


Automation helps you work smarter saving you extra hours to be more productive. Before you ask the question  “Will I be relevant to my target audience when I automate my social media”. The answer is YES, the aim of automation is to make you work efficiently, keeping you ahead of the curve by monitoring and listening to what your target audience are saying about your products or services. Listed below are the benefits of social media automation for your business.


  • It improves your relationship with your target audience: the aim of your business is to satisfy the needs of your customers: hence, customer’s interaction via your social media channels is important for brand engagement. There are tools that helps in maximizing this relationship. You are aware of  your customer’s peak online period  and this helps with scheduling your posts. Tools like Buffer, Co- schedule and Hootsuite have in-built analytics that gives your post maximum exposure. It’s the year  2020, your customers expect instant replies to their queries, automating your social media improves your business customer care service and engagement, because with chatbots you can interact with your customers while you sleep.
  • Personalized Content: customers want a sense of belonging, automation helps personalize your customers experience, allowing you to ask for their opinions and reviews about your products. This can be done by adding surveys and helps to make your content more engaging. Personalized content evokes your target audience emotions, and helps you understand your customers shopping behavior and preferences. Your knowledge of their preferences will help in putting up tailored content and lead to an increase customer’s conversion rate.
  • Consistent Brand Messaging And Reputation: managing and sharing content across your company’s social media accounts is a lot of work and can give rise to human error, with automation your content are automatically shared across all social media accounts, Also, the progress of your business rest on the shoulders of credibility, great customer engagement increase your reputation, when customers are properly engaged they leave comments and feedbacks that prospective customers see when they search for your industry online, thus  it helps with your search engine optimization as well.
  • Reduced Cost Of Marketing Budget: social media advertising is a great way for business and brands to get their products and services to users based on interests, locations, age and other factors. To save some advertising pounds, automation can execute and analyze your social media ads.
  • It Improves Your Strategy (with automation comes efficiency): automating your posting schedule, repost, follow, un-follow and likes will afford you enough time to plan your strategy and execute your plans. You are more equipped to channel and harness your creative energy to create emotive social media content, as you already know what your customers needs are. It also grants you the power to manage multiple campaigns effortlessly from one place, and you can monitor your engagement and modify your strategy to increase engagement and influence.


Your business needs social media automation so you can plan your strategy to stay ahead of your competition.


Written by Babade Adeyinka,   Social Media Manager    Great Business Platforms