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Digital Marketing

Our Team will Identify and connect your product or serve to your Ideal Customer, This means we will use analytics and any data you provide to identify your “Ideal Customer Avatar”

Some of the Factors that make this happen Include us  Using Pixels and UTM’s to know “Who” “Where” “When”   This helps us target re-target any potential audience in the world. Of course with this we are able to develop GDPR Complaint data for you and Much more using our well honed Artificial Intelligence tools all tied together in a sleek Automation that ends up serving your Business Needs

Social Media Marketing

Despite Social media handles being free to use, research shows that over 72% of users do not utilise over 60% of the available tools and Hacks that can help any Entrepreneur or SME really scale the return on time investment.

Let less to say , We have a department at Great Business Platforms that purely focuses on Managing Social Media Accounts and getting Engagements high this one of the crticial 5 steps required to convert any audience in to buying clients. Click here to learn more


At Great Business Platforms we can train you or your Team how to apply digital tools to your business so you can automated more processes and have more time to focus on your Money making activities.  Training is so Important and access to cutting edge technology is key to surviving as  an SME in this current climate. 

Our Training courses “How to” Use digital tools as well as Social Media Training , Content Marketing training and How to use some very clever Hacks and tools to make your work look nicer, more professional , keep your data more integral and generally keep you up to speed with the Generation Z lot coming from behind us.

Membership Websites

The Savvy Entrepreneur knows that nurturing and engaging their audience is key to growth. Infact Membership sites are part of the big Internet evolution.  When you think of membership site think captivate audience, access to peoples minds and hearts, think association think banish “Loneliness” think “Society”  “Fellowship” “Group”   Speak to our team as to how you can make Membership sites a key part of you engaging your audience and scaling your revenue globally.

Feedback & Reviews

” I am delighted. with the digital training received its transformed our ability to implement much faster “

Lee Wright

Director, The Able Builders

” When you started training on how to sell on Instagram , I almost thought it wouldnt work. But I have to say a Big Thank You and recommend that Truly your strategy has worked for my Business and we are making more sales .  “

Kemi Hassan

Kilo Fabrics

” My vision is much clearer now about how I can use Digital Marketing for my Products, Though I am still in Prelaunch .I know understand the Importance of using digital from the word go. I am a satisifed customer  “

Ayo Bakare

B-Letting Agents

Sam Onigbanjo

Founder AI Academy for Beginner

He is the founder of Great Business Platforms, an AI and Digital Marketing Agency that guides entrepreneurs and businesses towards the right tools for marketing automation, campaigns and global online marketing

With over 20 years of commercial experience in sales and business development Sam is a Certified Digital Marketer, Content Writer and Automation Expert, he has built and connected multiple Facebook/Instagram/Google/YouTube campaigns, Payment automation and Digital Advertising campaigns. He has also built series of Digital Chatbots

Sam is the author of 37 Business Thoughts, Emotive Branding for Entrepreneurs and The Authority Guide Digital Marketing Made Simple. Training, webinars and books currently buzzing in the “Entrepreneur circuit.” He has helped over 1,000 businesses start and grow over the last 10 years.

He is the Founder and Conveyor of the largest and most successful African Awards event in the UK. Women4Africa, An annual gathering of over 1,000 African Women from around the world. A strong public speaker and passionate advocate for Africa and African development.

Sam also strikes a cord as a conveyor and networker amongst key leaders and Influencers. With over 20 years of commercial experience in marketing and business development, Sam is at home in with business and people. As well as Sam also serves the business community as a Mentor in the University of Lagos UK Mentoring Program

 Content Creation
1. Blog Posts & Articles: Use AI writing assistants to generate article drafts on industry topics.
2. Video Scripts: Draft scripts for YouTube or social media videos.
3. Product Descriptions: Create unique and compelling product descriptions for online stores.
4. Graphic Design: Utilize AI tools for designing social media graphics, logos, and branding materials.
5. Website Content: Generate content for landing pages, about us sections, and service descriptions.
6. Content Repurposing: Convert blog posts into scripts for videos or infographics.
7. SEO Optimization: Use AI to analyze and optimize content for SEO, suggesting keywords and phrases.

 Lead Generation and Email Marketing
8. Personalized Email Campaigns: Generate customized emails to different segments of your audience.
9. Cold Emailing: Draft unique cold emails with high conversion potential.
10. Follow-up Emails: Automate follow-up email sequences for non-responsive leads.
11. Lead Scoring: Use AI to score leads based on their interaction with your content, prioritizing follow-up.
12. Lead Segmentation: Automatically segment leads based on behavior, interests, and engagement.
13. A/B Testing: AI-driven analysis of which email content performs better.
14. Email Subject Lines: Generate catchy subject lines to increase open rates.

 Social Media and Advertising
15. Social Media Posts: Create engaging posts tailored to each platform.
16. Ad Copy: Write effective ad copy for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.
17. Target Audience Analysis: Use AI to analyze and refine target audiences for ads.
18. Hashtag Research: Find trending hashtags relevant to your content.
19. Content Scheduling: Predict the best times to post content on different platforms.
20. Ad Performance Analysis: Use AI to tweak ads based on performance data.
21. Influencer Matching: Identify potential influencer partnerships using AI algorithms.

 Customer Engagement and Service
22. Chatbots: Implement AI chatbots for 24/7 customer queries and lead capturing.
23. Customer Feedback Analysis: Analyze feedback and reviews to identify areas for improvement.
24. Personalized Recommendations: Offer product or content recommendations based on user behavior.
25. Sentiment Analysis: Monitor brand sentiment on social media and the web.
26. FAQ Generation: Automatically generate FAQs based on common customer inquiries.

 Creative and Experimental
27. Virtual Events: Use AI to personalize virtual event invitations and follow-ups.
28. Voice Search Optimization: Optimize content for voice search queries.
29. AI-Powered Webinars: Generate webinar content or summaries using AI.
30. Augmented Reality Experiences: Create AR experiences for products or branding.
31. Predictive Analytics: Forecast market trends to adjust marketing strategies.
32. *Gamification*: Integrate AI into gamified marketing for customer engagement.
33. Interactive Content: Create quizzes, polls, and interactive infographics using AI tools. 

This list provides a spectrum of ideas, from content creation to innovative customer engagement strategies. Depending on your specific business, industry, and target audience, some strategies may be more applicable than others. The key is to start small, experiment with different AI tools, and scale the ones that provide the most value to your marketing efforts.

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