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Massive action steps always separate the Successful from the passive

Sharing communication tips with Medics

Sharing communication tips with Medics


Developing People, our true passion and goal, helping people harness and function better by improving self-belief, and supplying productivity tools, so you perform at a superior level in your own personal and business competencies. We know everybody has skills and gifts but no person can operate alone. In fact we are all part of the Global body called the human race. As long as we can co-operate, support and add value to each other wealth will always be created and disbursed”- Sam Onigbanjo, Founder and CEO

Our Coaching Program is the bedrock of our business community; this program also serves as an excellent network of brilliant business minds.  We offer three levels of Coaching.

  1. A six month program: a combination of small group coaching sessions, online masterclasses, private online communities, access to recorded sessions and bonuses.
  1. A Mastermind group that achieves the above plus more frequent one 2 one meetings over twelve months, it also includes live mastermind sessions on leveraging social media, Selling from the stage and pitching at events.
  1. An Individual personal coaching program over twelve months, with complete end to end solutions including full idea development, full product creation and complete system, buyers psychology system, dedicated personal phone numbers for full access, VIP Invitations to exclusive business networking events and introductions and much more. Book a free non-obligation meeting to learn more about this.

Each coaching session uses world class-tested and proven coaching tools. The end goal being development and commercialising skills for coaching delegates. We do not just tell you what to do within a structured framework; GBP Coaching has a specialised “How to “service that makes sure your Productivity is turbocharged, and you create, grow and sell!

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Would you like to know how to create and successfully hold effective communication verbally, in writing and in-person / online presentations, with successful results?
You see, every act of communication has an impact, and every unintended message could negate or cause loss of opportunities, sales or invitations.

It’s imperative to ensure that your communication causes the desired effect in your target audience, this is the most effective way to grow your brand and profit margin.

Most people believe they have strong communication skills yet they shy away from public speaking or delivering presentations.  The ability to be an effective and influential communicator is KEY to successful persuasion in social life or in business, be it sales or presentations. Whether it’s a call for investors, a call to attract subscribers, convincing loved ones or influencing colleagues, superior communication skills are critical.

Being perceived correctly visually, connecting through your words and leaving your audience connected with a like-ability factor are all skills that are learnable. Our “How To Pitch and Deliver Communication Effectively” course is guaranteed to increase your fortune!

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Your network determines your net-worth-37 Business Thoughts

We have an alumni of great minds that have passed through our coaching programs as well as members and friends of our Business network globally. Participating in our networking meetings is always a value add for upwardly socially mobile professionals.

Networking also Includes: Business spas, Weekends away with team building and planning activities. Men’s Business Breakfasts, Women’s Business groups and more.

Frequent topics delivered by very successful leaders include Property portfolio development in the UK, USA and Africa, Forex and Stock trading, Branding and communications, Health and Fitness, with the required balance for Business owners, relationship codes and partnerships and How to run a business with your partner.

Keep your network fluid enough for change and credible enough to make business happen. GBP Business networking is filled with dynamic leaders and Influencers. If you want to grow then you should join us immediately.

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