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Why You Need to Use AI in Business Today.

My Conversation with a Brilliant New Client


Sam, I want to grow my consultancy business, but I’m afraid of hiring more staff. More staff means more complications, and potentially hiring junior staff would be a high-maintenance headache. There’s also the issue of red tape in the UK, and honestly, I don’t enjoy dealing with any of this. So, I’m not sure if I should grow and scale my business here.


I understand your concerns about high maintenance, headaches, and red tape in this country. You’re not alone in feeling this way. Have you ever thought of using AI as a supplement or a substitute for junior staff?


I don’t really know how to use AI for this? The last time I checked, AI was giving me outdated information and In my Industry you have to be current!


With the emergence of ChatGPT4o and a few other tools, there are real-time applications now, and work can be done in real time. What this means for your industry is that you can put together the questions you have, and we can help you with prompt engineering. When fed correctly into AI, the AI can quickly go through what’s online and some of your existing content to understand how you sound, the words you use, and the kind of replies you’d give to clients. It can make the answers sound very human and just like you, in real time.


Wow, I didn’t realize this could happen. When we did the math, I found that employing a junior consultant would cost me about £5-6,000 a month. But applying AI, even with the training with you and the lifetime membership, would cost me less than £250. It’s a no-brainer!

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If this sounds like the type of pain you’ve been through or the questions you’ve been asking, reach out to Sam Onigbanjo . Send me an email  and let’s see how we can help you today. Reduce your costs, increase your productivity, and stay away from high maintenance headaches, red tape, and things you don’t enjoy.

At the heart of every Innovation with myself or Team is the success of my audience-

Sam Onigbanjo

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